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Day Care and Dog Training in the Milwaukee Area

Our Dog Day Care Includes Dog Obedience Training!

Are you worried about your dog picking up bad habits like barking, soiling indoors, and an overbearing attitude? Come, Sit, Stay and Play offers all the benefits of daycare and none of the drawbacks. PLUS we provide professional individualized dog training sessions -- at a competitive price.

Exercise for the brain as well as the body means your dog has a more satisfying, balanced stay. You’ll notice with each visit that your pet’s obedience and your control improve too!

Please refer to our Facebook page for events, real time schedule changes, closings and great dog related info!

Dog Training Milwaukee

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Dog Videos

See our day care dogs learning obedience and agility! Check out the videos and imagine what your dog could learn just by joining our day care!
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Pit Bull Chat

Here at CSSP we love and respect pit bulls. If you're looking for a good place to chat in an open forum about pit bulls we recommend that you check out And of course, if you're looking for high quality professional training for your pit bull, check out our Pit Bull In A Positive Light Program, which is listed at the bottom of our training page.


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Comfortable Dog / Quiet Dog

Dogs that are allowed to bark incessantly are in an overly aroused state of mind. This means they aren't in their "comfort zone".